The Leasing Department

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The Leasing Department specializes in apartment home rentals. From individual home owners to multi-family portfolios to new developments.

Let The Leasing Department do what we do best. We are involved in all aspects of the leasing process from scheduling apartment showings, to the application process to navigating your move-in logistics.

“The Best of West Los Angeles,” spanning from Santa Monica to Glendale, our rental team specializes in communities with all-encompassing neighborhood feel.

Our Top Tips for Renters

How Exciting! You Have Decided To Move! 
Our Top Tips For A Smooth Rental Process

  1. Neighborhood: Decide where you would like to live. Are you going back and forth to an office for work? A top factor to consider is driving time from your new place to your place of employment. Serenity is time not spent in traffic.
  2. Amenities: Do you need central air-conditioning and heat? Or does a balcony come first? Make a list of deal makers and breakers. And don’t forget parking!
  3. Wants vs. Needs: Decide what you really need to have in your new home and what you can forgo. Set your search filters to your criteria.
  4. Appointments: Make appointments to ensure you can see the property and confirm the day of the showing!
  5. Options: If you like the place and feel as if it is “The One,” but want to see more before making a decision, put in your application anyway. This will give you time to see more places and know that you are in the first position for the one you really want.
  6. Be prepared: In order to submit an application, two pieces of identification are required. This can be a driver’s license, passport, Social Security card and, in some cases, a work identification card. Another requirement may be your last three consecutive pay stubs. If you are new to your company, be prepared to have your offer letter to submit. If you are an independent contractor, have your last six business banking statements and your tax return ready to show as proof of income.
  7. Cosigner: You may need a cosigner if you do not meet management’s income requirement or if you are in the process of building credit. The cosigner has to apply as well and will need the same documentation as an applicant with the stipulation that they must earn six times the amount of rent. The cosigner must have a higher income than the applicant, since the he or she has their own rent or mortgage to cover, plus the possibility that they may need to assist the renter with payments on their rental.
  8. Apply: Please be sure to complete your application. Fill in as much as possible. And remember your application is a legal document.
  9. Timing: Allow approximately 24 to 48 hours for approval. Be ready to sign the lease within 24 hours of receiving it and 48 hours to remit cashier’s checks.
  10. Avoid Scams: Do your research and know with whom you are working.
  11. COVID-19. Please follow CDC recommendations. While these guidelines are being updated week-to-week; we have masks for your comfort and safety.


Please contact The Leasing Department to see up to date and current availability!